How to Give Feedback on a Design

By admin, August 18th, 2009

During most web design projects, you’ll be presented with a website mockup. This is usually an image showing how the website will look once completed. Determining how to respond can sometimes be tricky. Following the guidelines below will get you closer to your vision while keeping everyone happy.

Questions to Answer

When giving feedback, there are some things you’ll want to cover.

How well does the design meet your goals and objectives?
Your objectives for the site should drive all major design decisions. This includes everything from what to place on the homepage down to the text used for headings. Everything should be working towards your main goals and objectives. If your number one goal is to get leads, it should be clear how to contact you from any part of the site.

What about the design is good?
This is just as important as what you think needs fixing. What is the design doing right? How is the site meeting your objectives? This tells the designer things that are working (and what to leave alone in future revisions).

What specific elements do you feel could be improved?
What do you feel are hurdles for users? What do you think could be streamlined? The key here is to be as specific as possible. You want to build up the design by making small and medium sized improvements.

Photography, fonts, colors, etc
Though designers usually don’t like it, you’re allowed to comment on the choice of photography, fonts, and the use of color. When doing this, try to step away from your personal opinion. Justify your ideas when possible by discussing the needs of your audience.


Most creative types identify closely with their work. If you can make your criticism feel impartial and positive, it will soften the blow and keep the relationship positive.

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