The 5 Minute Guide to Why and How You Should Do an Email Newsletter

By admin, September 2nd, 2009


Compared with other forms of marketing, email continues to be one of the cheapest and most effective ways to reach customers.

It give you a regular opportunity to pitch your products/services. Newsletters keep people thinking about you and your services and if done right give them the reason to buy from you and not your competitors.

Newsletters can also solidify your position as an expert. This makes it easier to close deals and can be crucial if your product or service typically requires some sort of consultation.


The most important rule is not to waste people’s time. You need to include useful info and make it worth it to click on that title. Make subscribers feel special. Don’t try to suck people in with deceptive headlines, you’ll only burn your credibility.

The second most important rule is to do it regularly. If the newsletters are coming on a regular basis, people are much less likely to unsubscribe. Preferably, plan out your newsletters weeks or months in advance and release them on a schedule.

Don’t make your articles too long. Readers should be able to get through your newsletter in less than two minutes. If you need to, link to further resources and post longer stories on your blog.

Make it easy to share, subscribe, and unsubscribe and remind people how they got on your newsletter list. Treat your users with respect and they’ll return the favor. Using a service like Campaign Monitor or AWeber makes this much easier.

You should never miss the opportunity to strengthen your brand. Work with a designer to create a simple template that includes your logo, website address, and all your contact information. Keep it simple. The more complicated the layout, the more likely it will break in one of the dozen or so popular email clients out there.

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