10 Things Most Real Estate Agents Are Doing Wrong With Their Websites (and How to Fix Them!)

By admin, March 25th, 2010

1. Pushing keywords more than their message. It’s great showing up at the top of search engine rankings, but most people only use the web to research or confirm their decisions. No one will pick an agent only because their at the top of the search results.

2. Having a generic domain. Lethbridge-real-estate-agent-for-buyers.com may work great in search engines, but is only marginally more effective than using your name (i.e., johndoe.com or johndowrealestate.com). The big difference is people are ten times more likely to remember your name.

3. Not differentiating themselves. I don’t know how many real estate agent websites I’ve been to that have the same content, pages, or style as every other real estate website. Do something different. Be memorable (without being annoying). Everyone knows that guy looks nothing like John Travolta.

4. Generic content. It’s nice to have moving tips, but I’m not going to come to your site for them. I expect you to be the expert in real estate. Tell me stuff about real estate like the best time to buy, best time to sell, why your a smarter choice than the hundred other agents in my area, etc.

5. Out of control forms. No one has time to fill out complicated clumsy form. That’s what your assistant is for.

6. Not selling benefits. Everyone wants to look smarter, sexier, or have more money. Sell that.

7. Not talking about results. People don’t hire you because your nice or look pretty, they want to find the right house (or get their house sold quickly). If you’ve helped 20 people sell their homes last year, say that.

8. Not caring about design. Design creates credibility. An ugly website implies you don’t have money to hire a pro. Poorly designed websites also make it harder for visitors to find what they need.

9. Letting vendors run crazy of your site. If you sign up for a service and they insist on putting a logo all over your website, find someone else. 98% of people don’t care that ABC Design Inc built your website. Their logo will just distract people.

10. Running too many domains. If you have multiple websites, you’re diluting your effort. Focus on one site and make it really great.

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