7 Website "Faux Pas"

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1. Designed by …. at the Bottom of Your Site

Your website is a marketing tool for your business. It should be optimized for building your brand and promoting your business. This link (often added without permission), is essentially free advertising directing people to another site. Would you tolerate someone hi-jacking your business cards or logo just because they designed it?

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Why You Don't Want a Flash Only Website

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You’ve seen the sites. They start with loader and launch you into a complete sensory experience. Immersive sounds, fancy effects, dazzling animation. You think to yourself, “I wish I had a site like that!”. I’m gonna tell you why you don’t.

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6 Super Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

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As you probably already know, your business website is one of the most important tools in your marketing toolbox. What many don’t realize is a blog can be that fuel that takes your website to the next level. Here are a few important reasons you need to have a blog.

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Add an Email Newsletter

Email newsletters continue to be one of the best, most effective tools you have in your marketing toolbox. Email newsletters help you maintain a relationship with your prospects and customers. It’s a push technology, so you don’t have to hope people come to your website to get your message, you can send it directly to them. And compared to other marketing channels, it’s dirt cheap.

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How to Budget for a Website

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You know you need a website. Maybe you’ve done some shopping around. How do you know what’s good value? When are you overpaying? Website pricing is a bit of a black art, but maybe we can demystify it a bit for you here.

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