Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Included?
Free lifetime hosting for your website, email address (as many as you need), domain name (if you don’t have one), tools to update your website & training on how to do it, plus more.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes, we require a 50% deposit before any work begins. This allows us to cover some initial fees and confirm your seriousness. Once we have your deposit, we will schedule your start date and send you forms to begin the process.

What if I already have a design?
If we can work with it, we’ll try. This is not always possible. Please contact us for more details and/or requirements.

I’d like to use my own writer, can I do that?
Of course. If they can deliver in our tight milestones, even better! We can provide word counts and content summaries if needed. If they can’t get the content done before the launch date, we’ll use placeholder content. Unfortunately, we can’t offer a discount if you use your own writer.

Can you build me an online shop?
We can do simple ecommerce, but not shopping carts and/or large inventory websites. If there is enough demand we may offer this in the future. In the meantime, we can recommend a number of competent developers.

Do you do custom programming?
Not at this time. If there is demand, we may offer this in the future. Our sites can be easily enhanced though. We can develop the design, structure, and content and then hand it off to a programmer (let us recommend one) who can complete the work .

Can you fix my existing website?
Probably not. If it’s a minor fix we may be able to do it, but this is not something we normally offer. Feel free to contact us with your specifics.

How much do you charge for hosting?
Depends. For most small business websites or customers under a maintenance plan, we waive the hosting fee. Sites doing more than 500 visitors a month are subject to a small, but reasonable monthly fee. We don’t offer hosting for sale separately.

Can I use my existing domain with my new Design Spike website?
Yes. Once your project is started, we’ll walk you through the process of pointing your domain at your new website.

I run a web design company and would like to work with you. Is that possible?
Of course. We will white label our service as much as possible and for repeat customers, offer you a discount. Please contact us and we can talk more.

I’m a web designer/writer/etc. Do you contract out work?
Occasionally, depending on how busy we are. Send us your portfolio and we can talk more.

Do you offer practicums?
Not at this time, but we plan to offer them in the future.

ABC Web Design Inc. can do this for much less, can you price match?
Sorry no. This comes up a lot, so here’s a detailed response. If ABC Web Design Inc. can do it for less, they’re likely either…

1) Cutting corners. What corners? For a website to be successful, you need strong planning, a modern design, solid programming, and well-planned out content. Most lower price competitors skimp on one or more of those areas.

2) Not charging enough. What happens when design companies don’t charge enough? They go under, have to do this as a hobby, or they move to larger markets where they can charge more. Which means you’re either out of luck or have to wait when you need updates or fixes. We plan on being here in the long term, so we charge enough to make our business sustainable.